Abby's Success Story

Abby's Success Story
In January 2014, after two years of health issues with my dog Abby I switched her over to the 3P Naturals raw diet.  Abby is a dog that we rescued as a young pup.  She has never been a "healthy" dog and monthly visits to the vet were part of the norm for her.  She had four knee surgeries in two years and was carrying extra weight due to her being on restricted activity post surgeries.  Her coat was dull, she had low energy and meal times were a challenge. 
Thanks to a fantastic local resource (Susi Wilson, owner of Bark Avenue Holistic Pet Supplies in Pitt Meadows, BC) we decided to try Abby on the 3P Naturals raw diet.  Abby was hooked after her first meal.  She has now been on a raw diet for 9 months and is a completely different dog.  She's happy, her coat is glowing, she is excited at meal time and is at a perfect weight for her.
I can't say enough about your products, to see the changes in my dog in such a short amount of time is amazing.  Thank you for producing such high quality products and for giving me my girl back!
Prudence Rowley

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