Kevin M

testimonial-SophieIt has been two years now that our three-year-old Weimeriner, Sofie, has been on the 3P Naturals raw diet and I couldn't be happier. After a few unsuccessful attempts with other raw food companies, we were about to give up on the raw diet...that was until I meet Debbie Benson, the owner of 3P Naturals. We decided to give her product a try and the results have surpassed all our hopes. Sofie has not had one problem with the 3P raw diet in two years and the results of the raw diet are clearly visible. Sofie's teeth are white and she never has bad breath. Her coat is shiny and soft and, let's face it when it comes to the is small and orderless. This makes it so much easier to pick up. Not only does Sofie love dinner time, but we also love knowing that we are giving our dog the best food available. No kibble for us. The raw diet is the right choice for animals and the products available at 3P Naturals are the best.

Thank you Debbie and thank you 3P Naturals.

- Kevin M.

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