Shalyn W

Hi Bryon,

Raw Dog Food Testimonial - Shayln W for Jennie and NikitaI ran into you at Elemental Canine while I was picking up some 3P duck for my Mastiff Nikita. She has some food allergies but has done so well on your product and absolutely loves it. Here are some pics of Nikita and my old girl Jennie. Jennie (the brindle) was a rescue when I got her several years back, I believe she was born in 98-99? I switched her to raw later in life after getting Nikita (the fawn). It was an easy switch and I immediately noticed the difference and kept her on it till the day she passed on last year. She was not as gassy, I didn't have to worry so much about the risk of bloat so common with large breeds, her coat was glossy again and she seemed much more energetic, was easier for her to keep up with the much younger Nikita. I feel like switching her to raw gave her a new lease on life in her senior years.

The whole reason I switched from kibble to raw was for Nikita, from a young pup (born August 2007) she seemed to struggle on kibble, she gobbled it down so fast she often choked on it, drank so much water I was always concerned about bloat and I've always felt uncomfortable giving my dogs commercial kibble with all the poor quality grain fillers found in most brands.

The owner of the doggy daycare I take my dogs to introduced me to raw food when she was less than a year old and we've never looked back. When Elemental Canine in Cloverdale opened it was so exciting to find so many others have gone this route, I didn't feel so alone in this decision, and with such great companies with a passion for providing the best quality meat for pets, I felt a whole, new confidence that I was doing the right thing for my dogs.

Nikita loves mealtime, she enjoys the raw meat immensely, she doesn't have to drink the large amounts of water that she used to with kibble, and with such variety of meats from the standard beef and chicken to lamb, buffalo and so much more I have lots of options which is very important with a dog who suffers from food allergies. There is nothing my big girl enjoys more than gnawing on the large raw bones or gobbling up her favorite 3P duck with bone that gives her the many nutrients she needs.

Raw food makes my Nikita happy and gives me the confidence that I am doing the right thing to keep her healthy and strong. Thanks again for providing a product that does so much good and makes my big pup so happy.

- Shalyn W.

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