Shalyn W

Hi Bryon,

Raw Dog Food Testimonial - Shayln W for Jennie and NikitaI ran into you at Elemental Canine while I was picking up some 3P duck for my Mastiff Nikita. She has some food allergies but has done so well on your product and absolutely loves it. Here are some pics of Nikita and my old girl Jennie. Jennie (the brindle) was a rescue when I got her several years back, I believe she was born in 98-99? I switched her to raw later in life after getting Nikita (the fawn). It was an easy switch and I immediately noticed the difference and kept her on it till the day she passed on last year. She was not as gassy, I didn't have to worry so much about the risk of bloat so common with large breeds, her coat was glossy again and she seemed much more energetic, was easier for her to keep up with the much younger Nikita. I feel like switching her to raw gave her a new lease on life in her senior years.

The whole reason I switched from kibble to raw was for Nikita, from a young pup (born August 2007) she seemed to struggle on kibble, she gobbled it down so fast she often choked on it, drank so much water I was always concerned about bloat and I've always felt uncomfortable giving my dogs commercial kibble with all the poor quality grain fillers found in most brands.

Elaine S L

Hi Debbie and Paul,

Raw Cat Food Testimonial - Elaine S L for RufusFirst I just want to thank you so much for producing this wonderful product!! I have been struggling for 3 years to find the right food for my cat and this is it!

My beloved Rufus (image to the right) became an insulin-dependent diabetic 3 years ago - I contemplated trying a raw food diet back then but all I could find was food with veggies in it and that just didn't make sense to me. So I did my best to find canned food that did not contain starch/grain but that did nothing to help his diabetes. I recently watched a DVD from Food Matters called "Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" and thought if it can work for people why not try it for my cat?

Well, a number of things came together and I found myself at True Carnivores where I found your food. I had a feeling he would take to it since he has been very interested in some raw grass-fed beef that I started purchasing for my family. I thought I would have to transition Rufus but within only a day or two he was eating only your food - he LOVES it! I swear that within only a couple of days his black coat looked more sleek and glossy and within about a week he went from needing 7.5 units of insulin (on a u-100 needle) down to 2.5. I am expecting him to be off the insulin completely by next week! And he has more energy - instead of sleeping all day, he interacts with us more.

Leslie Kennedy


PetConnection-235pxMy little furkids recently tried your food for the very first time and they LOVED IT!

They are both seniors and haven't been excited about food for nearly 2 years now, so it was great to see them get excited about food again and eat with delight!

Thank you very much for making quality products that help them have better health, and that they truly enjoy.

- Leslie Kennedy (for Jazz and Freeway)
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