3P Naturals Raw Pet Food Education and Events for Spring 2015

3P Naturals Raw Pet Food Education and Events for Spring 2015

Did you know that 3P offers free raw pet food seminars, education via email, our website and social media AND individual diet planning for your dogs and cats? If you are a 3P retailer, please take advantage of this service and educate your customers and staff! Help pet owners to balance the raw diet correctly and teach your staff how to best help your customers with raw feeding. We even educate veterinary medical, technician and office administration staff and students. We are super excited to be speaking at two seperate veterinary office assistant colleges in the month of April!

Here are the upcoming events for Spring 2015:

1. Raw Diet for Dogs and Cats Lecture at Douglas College

When: April 16, 2015

Where: Douglas College*

What: This talk will be held for the VOA students of Douglas College. A great chance for us to spread the word about correct and safe feeding guidelines for the raw diet.

*restricted to the VOA students of Douglas College

2. Raw Diet for Dogs and Cats Lecture at Granville College

When: April 28, 2015

Where: Granville College*

What: This will be our first time talking to the students at Granville College. Exciting!

*restricted to the VOA students of Granville College

3. Raw Diet for Dogs and Cats Introductory Education at Discover Dogs

When: Tuesday May 12, 2015 @ 7:30pm

Where: Discover Dogs - 701 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC

What: Learn about why you should feed raw, the safe way to switch and how to correctly balance the diet. Q&A's too!

Website: www.discoverdogs.ca

4. Yukon Regional Agility Championships - Exhibitor

When: June 5-7, 2015

Where: Thunderbird Equestrian Show Park 24550 – 72nd Avenue

What: Come meet the 3P Naturals team, learn about raw diet, enter to win a $100.00 3P gift certificate, and watch the most amazing and talented agility dogs of the West Coast!

Website: http://www.aac.ca/en/regionals/main/default.aspx

Book your raw diet education session now by emailing [email protected]!

We will update this list as new events get booked =)

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