Bulldog Allergies: Help your Bully find relief, naturally!

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Itchy/watery eyes, inflamed ears and feet, scaly/dry skin, constant scratching and biting….Agony!

Do you have an itchy bully? If the answer is yes, you're probably pulling your hair out too! It's about the most frustrating and disturbing thing a pet owner could go through with their pet. Here are 5 tips to help you and your dog: 

A Raw Diet

This is the first place to start. Bulldogs can be quite sensitive when it comes to food. Your best bet is to remove all processed food from the diet. Feeding a raw diet enables you to control exactly what ingredients your dog is consuming, as well as being able to control the quality of the food. A raw diet is rich in naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients that will help your dog’s immune system to function at its best. 


Live enzymes are not currently recognized as essential nutrients by the American Feed Association (AAFCO) but we feel that they are essential! Holistic veterinarians, like Dr. Karen Becker, believe that animals can suffer from allergy-like symptoms as a result of enzyme deficiencies from unhealthy digestive functioning. These symptoms are apparent in clinical practice when animals who suffer from allergy-like symptoms improve dramatically after switching to a raw diet that is rich in enzymes or begins taking a digestive enzyme supplement. Live enzymes can help to keep your bully’s digestive system, particularly the pancreas, in tip-top condition. Prolonged consumption of processed foods, devoid of enzymes, causes your pet’s digestive system to manufacture or derive all the enzymes required on its own- putting the body into a heightened state of work just to digest food their food. When food comes with its own enzymes, it reduces the energy required for internal enzyme production. This energy can then be redirected to more productive uses like cell repair of the digestive tissue and/or ailing skin. If your dog already eats raw try adding a canine digestive enzyme- particularly for those difficult cases.


Reduce Yeast!

Allergic bullies tend to get secondary yeast infections because their skin health isn't optimal. Yeast infections on top of allergy symptoms can be half the battle in improving your pet’s condition, especially since yeast infections are also itchy! Reducing internal and external yeast can be achieved by: eliminating all processed foods; increasing leafy green vegetable consumption (try 3P's Yeast Buster Veggie Blend); and by adding supplements, such as coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and pre/probiotics. All of these foods will help reduce yeast, minimize overgrowth while improving your pet’s skin and gut health. 


Allergy or Deficiency? 

Allergies can be difficult to determine because a nutritional deficiency or imbalance can also present the same symptoms as an allergy. Enzyme and mineral deficiencies can show up as itchy skin and both can promote even greater itchiness. Mineral deficiencies are often associated with dietary fat imbalances. Contact us to learn more about how to ensure that your bully has a balanced raw diet. 


Holistic Veterinary Care

Allergies can be stubborn and frustrating and they’re not always easy to pinpoint. Non-suppressive immune support is key in helping a dog recover from allergies. Bulldogs, unfortunately, have a high incidence of allergic reactions and they may need more help than just a diet change. Be sure to discuss a reduced vaccination protocol, homeopathy, herbs, and other holistic options with an experienced holistic vet.  

Food should come first when it comes to narrowing down the cause of your bully’s allergic issues. Try these tips to ensure that you've covered all your bases in the nutrition department. Diet is a factor that you can control to help you solve your itchy bully woes. 

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