Congratulations to Guy & Cartman Roberts!

Congratulations to Guy & Cartman Roberts!

Congratulations to Jesse Roberts and her two Greyhounds Guy and Cartman for winning the 3P Naturals $100.00 gift certificate draw from the 2014 Vancouver Pet-A-Palooza trade show!

A little about Guy and Cartman:

Guy: He is just a big, goofy, happy boy. He loves life and loves everyone he meets. Almost 2 yrs ago, he was coming out of our condo, zigged when he should have zagged, and broke his leg (at the "wrist" area). The reason it broke was that he had bone cancer (the bone broke at the tumor site).  He hadn't shown any signs of cancer and we were able to catch it early before it spread. We made the decision to amputate (no chemo or radiation) and he's been going strong ever since. At the end of November, it will be 2 yrs since his accident. He is almost 12 and is still the most joyous dog we've ever had. He also had a good career (130 races, raced mostly in Arizona and Colorado, racing name Glo's Big Guy).

Cartman (pictured right): He is our new boy. We'll be going down to Washington to pick him up in mid-October. He is a small boy - about the same size as Tar Zan was. Apparently, he has a big personality which is how he got the kennel name of "Cartman". We're really looking forward to welcoming him into our family. He had a good racing career as well (168 races; raced in Florida, racing name Lateral Pass).

And in memory of the late Tar Zan:

Tar Zan: Sadly, we had to put him down in early Sept. He was 13 + yrs old and everything finally gave out. We had him since he was 5 yrs old. He had a good racing career (158 races; raced in Texas, racing name Pin Oak Tar Zan). He was a wonderful boy and is much missed.

Kudos to Jesse for providing the perfect retirement home for these beautiful dogs!

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