Not Sure Where To Start With A Raw Food Diet?

Not Sure Where To Start With A Raw Food Diet?

We recently got an email from a customer whose dog was having skin-related issues. Like many pet owners, they were interested in making the switch to a raw food diet but didn’t know where to begin:

"I have a 14 month old Pug with skin issues. He constantly chews his paws because his skin is itchy and irritated. His ears have also been bothered off and on with a yeast infection. I’ve taken him to see the vet about the condition, but the medicine I’ve been given only cures it temporarily.

I feed him a commercial dog food, but I have been feeding a little raw off and on because I am unsure of the supplements he should eating with a raw diet. Some people I know say I should not feed him a raw diet because it's not balanced food and is dangerous to handle. Others I know say it's the best food for him. I would truly appreciate your advice. Thanks for your time."

If you are new to the idea of raw, I'd urge you to check out all the articles on our website to familiarize yourself with all the facts about raw pet food diets. Very little supplementation is necessary if the diet is done properly, but there are neutriceuticals that could be extremely helpful for your dog's skin. Homeopathy may also be an option to consider. If you don’t have a holistic vet, we can recommend one if you are interested. If you'd like to switch your dog to raw we can help with that as well, but it's best to commit to either raw or commercial and not both together as this can cause digestive problems.

From what you’ve said, it sounds like your pup might have some allergies or another immune-related issue. Many allergies are food related but some are environmental as well. It would be beneficial to switch to raw as we can help you with an elimination diet, starting with one protein and then adding one more at a time. There are supplements that are great for itchy dogs as well, but it’s better to start with the food and only change one thing at a time so that we can eliminate potential causes. So take a gander through the articles to educate yourself a bit and if you decide you'd like to go for it, we'd be happy to put a raw food diet together for your pug :)

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