Nutritional Education for Retail Staff and Clients

Nutritional Education for Retail Staff and Clients

3P is proud to announce our new retail staff and client education program. Complete with reference material, seminars and 7 day per week email support. Retailers: book your free session today!

Here's what Tanya from Discover Dogs Vancouver said:

Hello Team 3P, For starters, I have to say that I am so proud of 3P for having a nutritionist on staff. Firstly, an amazing addition to your already impressive business plan, and second, parallel to our beliefs that education should be free.

For these reasons, plus the amazing information shared we are so grateful. You were so confident and friendly in representing the information that our staff felt way more comfortable after to share their new found empowerment and for that, we the owners of Discover Dogs plus the community of dogs are indebted.

I believe the raw food training manual that followed is the beginning of a wonderful manual to nutritional wellness. The more information we are armed with the more owners we will 'convince' to invest in prevention over treatment. As it stands right now the majority of people only make the switch after they have dealt with a chronic illness or less than supportive conventional vet. Next is to make this the norm and to build advocacy in dog owners and your team is paving the way with these seminars!

I am so excited for other store owners to have this similar experience, and I would highly recommend it if you ever need a reference. Cheers to empowerment and happy healthy dogs,


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