Our Adventure to Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Center

Our Adventure to Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Center

Our road trip was a great success! We spent an amazing day at Northern Lights Wildlife Center learning about the wolves and wolf conservation in British Columbia. Our two guides, Casey and Shelley Black co-founded Northern Lights and have been giving captive wolves a place to call home since 1998. They provide permenant homes for captive bred wolves that cannot be released into the wild. Shelley and Casey`s program enables them to provide exceptional husbandry and enrichment for their wolves while educating the public and supporting wild wolf habitat and conservation efforts.

Shelley and Casey allowed us to hike with their two youngest wolves, Flora and Scrappy Dave who are siblings that arrived at the center as cubs. They were hand raised by the couple and are now two years old. Flora and Dave are grey wolves, the species that our domestic dogs are directly descend from. It was wonderful to share time with these beautiful animals and see the great bond they have with their handlers. Casey and Shelley have done a fastastic job training them to become ambassadors for their kind through gentle and postive handling methods. This also allows the wolves access to hiking and proper veterinary care when needed. Shelley and Casey believe in using natural therapies such as homeopathy, aromatherapy, Healing Touch and other holsitic means to heal their animals whenever possible. The wolves eat a raw diet of whole prey just as we feed our dogs at 3P Naturals. We learned that the wolves eat whole prey and that they also love apples, berries, rosehips, grasses and other naturally occurring seasonal vegetables and fruits.

We would recommend Northern Lights to anyone who would like to learn more about wolves and get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. For more infomation, visit their website: http://www.northernlightswildlife.com. For photography from our adventure, visit our Facebook page here.

Thank you to Casey and Shelley Black, Flora and Scrappy Dave for an amazing and unforgettable experience!

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