Raw Pet Food Nutritional Information from 3P Naturals

Raw Pet Food Nutritional Information from 3P Naturals

We're very proud to announce an exciting new feature on our website, Sarah's Carnivore Corner! Who is Sarah and what is her Carnivore Corner, you ask?

Sarah Griffiths, DCH has a 15-year professional background working with animals. She is currently enrolled in the Clinical Pet Nutritionist (C.P.N.) program from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences (ANS) in New Jersey. She is also enrolled in a mentorship program, working towards certifying herself as an Equine Canada Coach of English riding and will be taking the ANS Equine Nutrition Specialist program once her C.P.N. is completed. She has consulted with pet owners, veterinarians, commercial raw pet food companies, and has worked as an animal trainer and veterinary technician. Sarah has worked with wild and domestic animals in film, zoos, conservation centers, rescue facilities, veterinary clinics, and farms. Additionally, she graduated from the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy with a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy. She treats people and, with the help of a local vet, treats animals too. Her life will continue to be dedicated to working with and bettering the lives of animals everywhere.

Our goal with Sarah's Carnivore Corner is to provide you with the best expert advice so that you can make the easiest transition possible to a raw pet food diet for your pet. Please be sure to check up on some of Sarah's previous articles to learn more about raw food diets for your pet. 

We're also very proud to announce that moving forward, we'll be publishing nutritional data for each of our products!

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