To Crop or Not to Crop?

To Crop or Not to Crop?

Ear cropping for dogs is a controversial subject and is, in the end, a personal choice. Dog owners may choose to crop ears for the aesthetic appearance it gives the dog. Many working breeds have their ears cropped to enhance their working ablilities, for example, in the field of search and rescue to enhance the hearing ablilities of the dog. Owners of show dogs of specific breeds such as the doberman, boxer, and great dane will crop their dogs ears to enhance the look for the show ring.The Beauceron (like Rowan) is another breed that can have the ears natural or cropped.The process for the Beauceron is very easy and short compared to other breeds. Dobermans and great danes may have their ears taped or posted up until they are 6-8 months old. Beaucerons have naturally erect ears already so the process is very short, only about 4 weeks.

Breeds that do search and rescue work or certain types of tracking work can benefit from having an erect ear, because it increases their ability to pinpoint sound and find missing subjects. Unlike tail docking and (sometimes) dew claw removal, ear cropping is always done with anesthetic to ensure the animal does not from suffer pain during the procedure which is only 5-10 minutes, shorter and less invasive than most spay and neuter procedures.

Before you decide to make this descision for your dog, you must research it thoroughly, find an experienced vet and be aware of the commitment involved in the process. It is not for everyone. 3P Naturals stands neutral on the subject and we understand that people have a right to personal choice.

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