Written on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Yes and no.  Not all bones are created equal as far as raw pet food goes.  Some bones are still classified as "entertainment" bones while others are "meal" bones.  The following explains the subtle difference.

Entertainment Bones

  • ANATOMY: femur, knuckle, rib, shank,
  • SOURCE: beef, buffalo, lamb, venison musk ox, etc.

These bones are essential for oral health.  They are full of nutrients and aid in the cleaning of anal sacs.  They are also good for mental and muscular stimulation.

Meal Bones

  • ANATOMY: carcass, backs, necks, wings
  • SOURCE: chicken, duck, lamb, ostrich, quail, turkey

These are softer, meaty, and packed with nutrients.  They are essential for oral health and also aid in cleaning anal sacs.  They are good for mental and muscular stimulation.  They are a source of calcium, phosphorous, and much more.

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