Written on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Every pet has different tolerance levels and switching "cold turkey" may not be the easiest process for either you or your friend. A bit of patience and common sense will make the transition easier for all concerned.  The following are some guidelines that you can follow but we always recommend that you check with your holistic veterinarian before switching your pet to a raw pet food diet.

Prepare Your Pet

Help your pet get ready for the beneficial enzymes and bacteria (see benefits) in a raw food diet by introducing these elements to them in an easy to serve, easy to digest product like natural, unpasteurized yogurt.

Cat / Toy Dog 1/2 - 1 tbsp daily
Small Dog 1/4 Cup (4 tbsp) daily
Medium | Large Dog 1/2 Cup (8 tbsp) daily
Giant Dog 3/4 Cup (12 tbsp) daily

Start a week before introducing raw food and taper off as your pet acclimatizes to their new diet.  Check to make sure your pet can tolerate milk products. If they can't then try commercially available "friendly bacteria supplements" (probiotics).

Gradual Transition or Cold Turkey?

Generally, it is preferable to acclimatize your pet to the new raw food diet in a gradual fashion, but if your animal is healthy and not likely to be too stressed you can do a "hard" switch. Make sure there is lots of fresh water on hand and don't put out any food for 24 hours before starting the new diet. Be patient and positive. Your pet can sense your attitude.

Seven Day Transition Program

Day 1 & 2 3/4 regular cooked diet - 1/4 new raw diet
Day 3 & 4 1/2 regular cooked diet - 1/2 new raw diet
Day 5 & 6 1/4 regular cooked diet - 3/4 new raw diet
Day 7 100% raw natural diet

Switching To A Raw Food Diet


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