Basic Instincts Varieties

Basic Instincts Varieties3P Naturals Basic Instincts™ is raw cat food designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of cats. Cats are true carnivores, meaning their intestinal tracts are shorter in length, designed to digest and process meat quickly. It is important for cats to get a variety of different meats in order to meet their nutritional needs.

Our Basic Instincts formula is made up of dried egg yolk, steamed lamb bone meal, gelatin (agar), psyllium husk and wild salmon oil. In our blends we incorporate the Basic Instincts™ Formula with muscle meat, heart (when available) and liver in appropriate proportion.

From our listing below, you will see that some meats are listed with "bone-in". In these cases, we use the whole birds which includes all the bones. These meats are the best sources of calcium for your cat, and if it possible (we know cats are picky!) we recommend feeding these choices to the red meat choices in a ratio of 3:1. For example, you could feed 3 days of chicken to 1 day of Beef. 

The Basic InstinctsTM Varieties

  • Chicken (Bone-In)
  • Turkey (Bone-In)
  • Non-med Beef
  • Non-med Camel
  • Non-med Chicken
  • Non-med Chicken (Bone-In)
  • Non-med Duck (Bone-In)
  • Non-med Elk (when available)
  • Non-med Kangaroo
  • Non-med Lamb
  • Non-med Rabbit (Bone-In)
  • Non-med Turkey (Bone-In)
  • Non-med Venison (when available)
  • Organic Salmon (Coho) with bone

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