3P Naturals would like to share with you other like-minded businesses that we feel may be of value to our customers. Please support these businesses if they provide services you find helpful and mention you found them through 3P Naturals.

Dr. Peter Dobias

Dr. Peter Dobias Healing SolutionsDr. Dobias Healing Solutions is a unique company providing online veterinary holistic consultation and natural holistic care products for animals and their people.

DDHS is an excellent source of information and education in the area of holistic animal health care, nutrition, and well-being. The company's founder, Dr. Peter Dobias - a veterinarian has a background in both holistic and conventional veterinary medicine, animal homeopathy, and natural nutrition and more than 20 years of practical and teaching experience.

In the Raw

in-the-rawIn The Raw was founded September 2000, and was created by people who cherish their four-legged friends. They have witnessed firsthand the improvements in health and vitality that the raw food diet can produce. Their goal is to provide today's discriminating pet owners the awareness and education to make informed decisions about their companion animals' nutritional health and wellness. They advocate a common sense approach to raw feeding and believe wholeheartedly that the cornerstone to good health is nutrition. After all "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! "

Pet Connection Magazine

PetConnection-250pxPet Connection Magazine focuses on Holistic Health and real food for our animal friends. We help educate pet guardians on more natural health solutions that cause no harm.

Custom Canine

Custom CanineCustom Canine is a Lower Mainland company that has spent over 20 years developing natural teaching techniques for dogs. Their techniques are so successful that behaviorists, trainers, veterinarians, governments, municipalities, and animal specialists have all come to them to learn their unique systems. Custom Canine's goal is to help you and your dog learn to work together as a team, and as companions. Visit the Custom Canine website for more information.

Adopt An Indian Desi Dog

Adopt An Indian Desi Dog (AAIDD) is a small not-for-profit rescue shelter located in Abbotsford, British Columbia that rescues puppies from the streets of Delhi, India. Poor nutrition and parasites offer these pups little chance of survival, but with full tummies and simple parasite control, they become incredible companion animals. Visit the AAIDD website for more information on their cause, and how you can help one of these amazing animals.

Recommended Reading

Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
-Pitcairn, Richard H., D.V.M., Ph.D., and Susan Hubble Pitcairn.

Four Paws. Five Directions
-Cheryl Schwartz

Give Your Dog a Bone
The BARF Diet

Grow Your Pups with Bones
-Dr. Billinghurst (Available at N.Van Library)

Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog
-Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown

Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: The Ultimate Diet
-Kymythy Shultze

Reigning Cats and Dogs
-Pat Mckay

The Real Poop on Pet Food
-Dakota Bawden-Tutte

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