Dog and Cat Feeding Guidelines

At 3P Naturals, we have formulated our dog and cat foods to be a flexible feeding program to suit your pet's needs. We have based our diets on a rotational feeding program, which would consist of 3 white meat meals to 1 red meat meal. This is called a 3:1 ratio.  

Now there are lots of different breeds of dogs and cats, with varying sizes and energy requirements. All of which can make feeding your pet confusing! We have put together a suggested guideline for feeding your dog or cat and we strongly suggest that you consult your veterinarian (holistic or conventional) if your pet has specific nutritional requirements or conditions.

Feeding Puppies

Most puppies need multiple feedings throughout the day. Feel free to split the amount into different proportions, ie feeding 2x per day or 3x per day. These guidelines are only approximations. Depending on the breed and activity level of the puppy, these values will change. As an owner, you will need to monitor your puppy and their weight gains and losses. 

Below are two different methods for calculating your puppy's meals. 

Method #1

Puppies   Bodyweight x 2 x 10 grams = total grams per day

Method #2

  2 - 3 months old   8 - 10% of current body weight in pounds
  4 - 5 months old   6 - 8% of current body weight in pounds
  6 - 8 months old   4 - 6% of current body weight in pounds
  9 -12 months old   3 - 4% of current body weight in pounds

Adult Dogs - ideal weights

  12 months and up  2 - 3% of current body weight in pounds

Senior Dogs and Overweight Dogs - less active

  10+ years and older,
  depending on breed
  1.5% of current body weight in pounds

Active Dogs - depending on activity levels!

If you are trying to increase your dog's weight, you can feed the higher amount until the ideal weight has been reached, and then you'll need to cut back a bit to maintain a healthy weight.

  High energy breeds and
  underweight dogs 
  3% of current body weight in pounds

Cat Feeding Guide

These feeding guidelines are to provide a base level of feeding. If you have a higher nutritional needs cat, like a Bengal or Ragdoll, then you will need to increase the feedings in either volume or frequency. For example, a Ragdoll kitten could eat up to double this during growth spurts. 

All cat food packages are 250 grams or approximately a 1/2 pound.

Kittens   1/2 package x 2 meals per day
Adult Cats   1/4 package x 2 meals per day
Senior Cats   1/4 package x 2 meals per day
  or less

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