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3P Naturals Dog Food Singles

Knowing convenience is important, all of our 3P Naturals Dog Food comes in a variety of package sizes. Our most popular sizing is our bulk packages, but we also offer singles for those looking to try out new meats.

3P Naturals Dog Food Singles are available in incremental weights of: 200g, 400g, 600g, 1200g, 1800g and 4500g packages. Singles are great for owners that like to provide a variety of different raw pet food choices for their pet or for those owners that just need to top-up their existing supply.

3P Naturals Dog Food Bulk

3P Naturals Dog Food Bulk packages allow pet owners to purchase a larger volume. Bulk packages are bundled in:

  • 200g (Qty:10),
  • 400g (Qty:5),
  • 600g (Qty:5),
  • 1200g (Qty:10),
  • and a "pillow" pack which is one 4500g (4.5kg) package.

Our pillow packs are great for uber large dogs that eat a substantial amount, or for those looking to save a few dollars and make up their combinations (If you need assistance with putting this together, please contact our pet nutritionist). 

Putting together a raw food diet can be a daunting process, so we always recommend consulting your holistic veterinarian to be sure you are feeding your dog the correct proportions of raw dog food. Finding a veterinarian who is familiar with raw food plans can difficult too sometimes, which is why we have a pet nutritionist on staff who can help you plan your dog's diet and work with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is getting everything he or she needs. Ask us about holistic veterinarians in your area too!

3P Naturals Dog Food Varieties

Staying consistent with a Bones and Raw Food diet plan, our 3P Naturals Dog Food is offered in two ways;

  1. 3P Naturals Meat & Veg Blends
  2. Mix and Match (you chose your meat separately from the vegetables).

All our 3P Naturals Dog Food Blends contain a healthy ratio of 75% meat to 25% veg. It is important to note, that we label all of our white meats products "with bones" and "organs" if it is included, whereas our red meats do not contain bone. This means that it is important to feed your dog a 3 to 1 ratio (3:1) of white meats to red meat. And on red meat days, you can include some chewing bones for added calcium intake. 

3P Naturals Meat & Veg Blends

  • Beef Tripe 250g
  • Beef Tripe 500g
  • Beef with Organs & Veggies
  • Chicken with Bones & Veggies
  • Turkey with Bones & Veggies
  • Non-med Beef with Organs & Veggies
  • Non-med Chicken with Bones, Organs & Veggies
  • Non-med Duck with Bones, Organs & Veggies
  • Non-med Kangaroo with Veggies
  • Non-med Lamb Organs & Veggies
  • Non-med Turkey with Bones, Organs & Veggies
  • Non-med Venison with Organs & Veggies

3P Naturals Dog MIX and MATCH Varieties

Our Mix and Match varieties are perfect those clients wanting to control the ratios of meat to veg. For example, many senior dogs do very well on on a ratio of 60% meat to 40% veg. Also with our Mix and Match varieties, you can purchase larger sizes and combine them with different vegetable blends. Farther down the page is our 3P Naturals Veg blends. 

It is important to note, that we label all of our white meats products "with bones" and "organs" if it is included, whereas our red meats do not contain bone.

3P Naturals Meat Blends

  • Beef with Organs
  • Chicken with Bones
  • Turkey with Bones
  • MDM Chicken with Organs
  • Non-med Beef with Organs
  • Non-med Chicken with Bones & Organs
  • Non-med Duck with Bones & Organs
  • Non-med Kangaroo
  • Non-med Lamb with Organs
  • Non-med Pheasant with Bones
  • Non-med Turkey with Bones
  • Non-med Venison with Organs

3P Naturals Veg Blends

  • AntiOx Blend (Veggie #1) - Wild Mix Blue: Red Leaf Lettuce, Parsley, Wild Blueberries
  • Balance Blend (Veggie #2) - Red Mix: Organic Red/Green Chard, Bok Choy, Squash, Yams/Sweet Potato, Parsnip
  • Super Greens Blend (Veggie #3) - Dark Green: Kale, Organic Green Chard, Celery, Yams/Sweet Potato, Rutabaga
  • Metabolic Support Blend (Veggie #4) - Light Green: Bok Choy, Squash, Celery, Parsnip, Jicama
  • Tummy Tonic (Veggie #6) - Pumpkin
  • Yeast Buster Blend (Veggie #8) - Pale Green: Green Leaf Lettuce, Bok Choy, Kale, Parsley

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