In the fall of 2010 -a little over a year old, Gibson came with suspiciously well-developed skills of ‘human manipulation and mind control.’ I fell in love … instantly.

A purebred Seal Lynx Point Birman, this breed is known for its affectionate, gentle, and loyal companionship as well as being extremely intelligent. Hmmm… trouble. Gibson is of course the resident ‘under the covers mascot’ and is also self-employed as my ‘Executive Personal Assistant.’ Truth be told, he created this position himself. Again with the suspiciously well-developed skills of ‘human manipulation and mind control.’ He takes his work seriously – I’ll give him that. I wake up before I want to so that I am never late for anything – especially his breakfast. He is devoted to helping me achieve great things in my life, such as mastering the Ancient Art of ‘The perfect chin scratch’ as well as the mysterious ‘Two hands never one Belly Rub Application.’ He maintains my schedule in accordance with his and he happily inspects my work. I do however question his methods of ‘complete body coverage’ over my working surface but I am hopeful that there may be a better solution in the future. Or not.

Fast track to 2013 and Gibson was a very sick kitty. Within 48 hours we found ourselves in the office of Dr. Cichon at Sunwood Veterinary Hospital thanks to Kathy Pander. Dr. Cichon is a homeopathic veterinarian who goes beyond the call of duty. His love and compassion for animals resonate in the attention and guidance that he provides. Gibson was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, chronic pancreatitis along with ascending cholangiohepatitis. Simply put -the poor guy’s plumbing just wasn’t working and the damage was done.

To make this boy healthy again – his dietary needs had to change. We’ve never looked back – 3P Naturals ever since. We figured it out together, took a couple of months to adjust -but it has saved his life. Without question, eliminating commercial pet food and switching over to a raw food diet was the game-changer for Gibson’s quality of life as well as my sanity. 3P is the only option in this house! He gets an abundance of other goodies mixed in with his food -organic apple sauce, pumpkin, hemp oil, and Aloe Vera juice as well as digestive enzymes, supplements, and the occasional hit of catnip.

3P Naturals has set an unprecedented standard of quality for this industry. With transparent company objectives, product accountability, and an abundance of consumer resources and education, (Carnivore Corner and Pet Nutrition are great!) it just doesn’t get any better than that. From both Gibson and I – THANK YOU 3P!! We love you.



We adopted our beloved Stumpie from the pound in Jan 2014. She was the friendliest kitty, we fell in love with her immediately. They told us she had some diarrhea, but it had since cleared up. She was found in a box on the side of the road, so they didn't have her history, but she was estimated to be about 6 months old. They told us which food she was on, and we bought some on the way home. We took her home and gave her a bath and she settled right in.

A couple of weeks later, her diarrhea was still a problem. We thought it was maybe just the stress of shelter living, and what she had been through. But we took her to the vet. He gave her some antibiotics and ran some tests. That was the beginning of our monthly vet visits. We had to go back every 3-4 weeks, trying new antibiotics and other different medications. Nothing was working. We put her on some specialty vet food. It got marginally better, but then would get worse again. She started to get really sick and was losing weight. She went from 12 lbs down to 8 lbs. We were desperate, so we had the vet do an ultrasound and more blood tests. He came to the conclusion that she had feline irritable bowel syndrome. We decided to feed her some plain boiled chicken and try some steroids and more antibiotics. This worked, she recovered and started gaining weight again. But still had diarrhea. The vet said that this was likely the best she would get, that we would just have to live with her condition. I asked about a raw diet at that time, but he said that since she was gaining weight on the vet food, it is best not to change her diet. So, we stuck with the vet food and antibiotic routine. About 6 months later, I found out I was pregnant. We decided that we needed to figure something else out, since there can be a danger to the baby with toxoplasmosis, and our poor Stumpie left traces of diarrhea all over. So, we did a little bit of research and found a raw cat food supplier nearby. We spoke with the owner, Brigette of Mutt & Moggy, and told her our story. She was confident that this would cure our cat. She gave us some samples to try. Within 2 days, Stumpie had normal stools, for the first time in her life. We were absolutely beyond thrilled. We continue to only feed her raw food, from 3P Naturals. And almost 9 months later, she maintains her 13lbs and is a happy healthy normal cat. 3P Naturals, and Brigette, saved our kitty's life, and we are forever grateful :) 


Ben`s Testimonial

Ben`s Testimonial

Ben is an 8-year-old cocker spaniel whose owners Jackie and Carolyn report: `Ben has had allergies to EVERYTHING except his 3P lamb, turkey & veg and kangaroo diet. He has been on raw for almost two years and has had barely any flare-ups. Thank you for sharing Jackie & Carolyn!

Allergies are a common disease among modern dogs and a raw diet can help them to get back on track. 




Murphy “AKA Murphy doodle” is a 2-year-old labradoodle that suffered from food sensitivities that included vomiting, chronic diarrhea  (never had a firm stool), and ear infections from the day we brought him home. He also had that "dog smell"….  The first year of his life required numerous visits to a conventional vet to try and mask the symptoms of his issues.  Extensive use of antibiotics, prescription vet kibble, and other medications were introduced with limited success and numerous side effects.  He also had a difficult time absorbing kibble diets and was significantly underweight.  

After visiting a holistic veterinarian,  he recommended that a natural diet be introduced as a solution to Murphy’s food intolerances and allergies.   One of the raw food manufacturers that were recommended was 3P Naturals.  Our vet and local retailer (Susi from Bark Avenue who is extremely awesome!) could not say enough good things about the cleanliness of the facilities and the quality of the product.  We had never considered raw because we thought it was kind of "gross" but had exhausted every other food source with no luck.  We visited Susi several times and asked lots of questions before we made the decision to switch to raw. 


Since being introduced to a raw diet, Murphy has been a different dog with NO diahrrea, NO vomiting, higher energy levels, a calmer disposition, a wonderful fur coat, and no doggy smell.  His weight holds perfectly on a balanced raw diet that 3P provides through their meat, organ, bone, and veggie combinations. I find this very convenient.  I have no issues with the food and it is not at all what I expected when I thought about a "raw diet." I will never feed kibble again!  Overall, we are extremely pleased with 3P and the support that can be received.  Transitioning to a raw diet can be new and scary for some dog owners and having the level of expert support through 3P makes it very easy. If we hadn't made the switch to 3P Murphy would most likely not be here with us today… thank you for an exceptional product with so many different options.


Shelley, Chris & Murphy 'Doodle'

Abby's Success Story

Abby's Success Story
In January 2014, after two years of health issues with my dog Abby I switched her over to the 3P Naturals raw diet.  Abby is a dog that we rescued as a young pup.  She has never been a "healthy" dog and monthly visits to the vet were part of the norm for her.  She had four knee surgeries in two years and was carrying extra weight due to her being on restricted activity post surgeries.  Her coat was dull, she had low energy and meal times were a challenge. 
Thanks to a fantastic local resource (Susi Wilson, owner of Bark Avenue Holistic Pet Supplies in Pitt Meadows, BC) we decided to try Abby on the 3P Naturals raw diet.  Abby was hooked after her first meal.  She has now been on a raw diet for 9 months and is a completely different dog.  She's happy, her coat is glowing, she is excited at mealtime, and is at a perfect weight for her.
I can't say enough about your products, to see the changes in my dog in such a short amount of time is amazing.  Thank you for producing such high-quality products and for giving me my girl back!
Prudence Rowley

Oprah's Story

Oprah's Story

Pia H

My cat Oprah developed severe food allergies about 5 years ago, the vet pumped her with steroids thinking it would help and all it did was make things worse. 3 years ago, I switched her over to a raw diet, and with some trial and error, I found that she is best on 3P Naturals Elk, Kangaroo, Camel, and Venison, now at 11 years young, she is happy and healthy!

Ellen K

Just wanted to share how very pleased I am with your 4.5 kg bulk slab meat or meat/bone products via Susi at Bark Avenue Dogs in Pitt Meadows. They are a great economical option for me, excellent quality, and perfect for customizing too. Not only are my dogs happy and healthy on their raw diet, but our kitty has also transitioned effortlessly onto a raw diet from 3P and chatters happily about it to anyone who will listen.

Thank you for an awesome product and great customer service.

The Hound Household of Ellen K, Kinley, and Logan, plus kitty Finnia.

Lucy M

Harry: August 1997 - January 2012

Harry - a 3P Naturals dogMy Harry was the best dog in the world. He was soft, friendly, well behaved, gentle, smart, sweet, and full of life. He LOVED the snow and cats were his favorite thing to chase! He played hard but loved harder. He learned to swim in the Fraser River and ran for hours in Lynn Canyon. He ended his 13 years curled up next to Mum and will live on in our hearts and minds forever. RIP.

- Lucy M.

Michael D W

Rome: 1999 - 2012

Testimonial - 3P Naturals Dog, RomeWe pause to let you know that Rome is no longer with us, he has moved on. It was his time and this morning around 7.00 am, with both of us at his side, we let him go. He had a great life and brought much joy and many great memories and stories to us and many of you over the 13 years we had his company.  Rome really enjoyed beach walks and he loved the winter in Ontario and finding snow in BC.  Rome was incredibly patient with the younger crowd.  He was just a baby at heart.  What a great life!

- Michael D. W.

(Rome was another happy 3P Naturals Dog who lived a long and full life.  He will be missed.)

Kevin M

testimonial-SophieIt has been two years now that our three-year-old Weimeriner, Sofie, has been on the 3P Naturals raw diet and I couldn't be happier. After a few unsuccessful attempts with other raw food companies, we were about to give up on the raw diet...that was until I meet Debbie Benson, the owner of 3P Naturals. We decided to give her product a try and the results have surpassed all our hopes. Sofie has not had one problem with the 3P raw diet in two years and the results of the raw diet are clearly visible. Sofie's teeth are white and she never has bad breath. Her coat is shiny and soft and, let's face it when it comes to the poop...well...it is small and orderless. This makes it so much easier to pick up. Not only does Sofie love dinner time, but we also love knowing that we are giving our dog the best food available. No kibble for us. The raw diet is the right choice for animals and the products available at 3P Naturals are the best.

Thank you Debbie and thank you 3P Naturals.

- Kevin M.

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