3P Naturals Raw Pet Food Products

Basic Instincts Varieties

Basic Instincts Varieties3P Naturals Basic Instincts™ is raw cat food designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of cats. This formula is made up of dried egg yolk, steamed lamb bone meal, gelatin (agar), psyllium husk and wild salmon oil. In our various blends we incorporate the Basic Instincts™ Formula with muscle meat, heart (when available) and liver at appropriate proportion.

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Organs & Bones

Basic Instincts VarietiesRaw, not cooked, bones are a necessary part of a raw diet. They are an important source of calcium and provide a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals. In addition, bones are a natural "toothbrush" for your pet's teeth. Dental problems can lead to organ disease, immune system issues and other serious medical conditions. Lastly, bones help dogs and cats express their anal glands by providing the natural roughage found in the diets of carnivores.

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Singles & Bulk

Basic Instincts Varieties3P Naturals Singles Products are available in incremental weights between 200g, 400g, 600g, 1000g, 1200g, 1800g and 4500g packages. Singles are great for owners that like to provide a variety of different raw pet food choices for their pet or for those owners that just need to top-up their existing supply.

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Wholesale Orders

cat3P Naturals sells wholesale to retailers and veterinarians in Greater Vancouver, Victoria and parts of British Columbia and Alberta. If you are a pet owner and would like to buy our products, please view the Where to Buy section of our site for a listing of our retail locations.

If you are a retailer or a veterinarian and would like to place a wholesale order, please contact our office to get a login for our online ordering system. Once provided, you will be able to place wholesale orders directly into our system to ensure accurate and quick processing.

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Switching To A Raw Food Diet

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Find out everything you need to know about a raw pet food diet, and how you can make the switch.

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If you are a retailer or veterinarian and would like to place an order, contact us today!

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