Murphy “AKA Murphy doodle” is a 2 year old labradoodle that suffered from food sensitivities that included vomiting, chronic diarrhea  (never had a firm stool) and ear infections from the day we brought him home. He also had that "dog smell"….  The first year of his life required numerous visits to a conventional vet to try and mask the symptoms of his issues.  Extensive use of antibiotics, prescription vet kibble and other medications were introduced with limited success and numerous side effects.  He also had a difficult time absorbing kibble diets and was significantly underweight.  

After visiting a holistic veterinarian,  he recommended that a natural diet be introduced as a solution to Murphy’s food intolerances and allergies.   One of the raw food manufacturers that was recommended was 3P Naturals.  Our vet and local retailer (Susi from Bark Avenue who is extremely awesome!) could not say enough good things about the cleanliness of the facilities and quality of the product.  We had never considered raw because we thought it was kind of "gross" but had exhausted every other food source with no luck.  We visited Susi several times and asked lots of questions before we made the decision to switch to raw. 


Since being introduced to a raw diet, Murphy has been a different dog with NO diahrrea, NO vomiting, higher energy levels, a calmer disposition, a wonderful fur coat and no doggy smell.  His weight holds perfectly on a balanced raw diet that 3P provides through their meat, organ, bone, and veggie combinations. I find this very convenient.  I have no issues with the food and it is not at all what I expected when I thought about a "raw diet." I will never feed kibble again!  Overall, we are extremely pleased with 3P and the support that can be received.  Transitioning to a raw diet can be new and scary for some dog owners and having the level of expert support through 3P makes it very easy. If we hadn't made the switch to 3P Murphy would most likely not be here with us today… thank you for an exceptional product with so many different options.


Shelley, Chris & Murphy 'Doodle'

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