3 Tips To Transition Your Dog To Raw Pet Food

3 Tips To Transition Your Dog To Raw Pet Food

Unlike cats, Dogs are generally easier to transition to raw pet food. However, there are some considerations to take into account that may affect their health and comfort while switching from one type of food to the other.

1.  If you haven’t done so already, start by splitting your dog’s feeding schedule into morning and afternoon meals. Introduce the raw dog food during either the afternoon or morning meal, in small amounts. NEVER mix the raw pet food with commercial pet food, since the digestion periods are significantly different.

2.  During walks with your dog, inspect your pet’s feces. The quality of your dog’s feces is a direct indication of how well their body is handling the transition from the old diet to the raw food diet. If the feces is formed and firm, then it is safe to increase the amount of raw pet food in their diet.

3.  Be sure to feed your dog a variety of raw food. Switch up their diet and include a wide variety of animal parts, as well as red and white meats. You may also consider including dietary supplements and cold-pressed fish-oils, for additional nutrients. As your dog gets accustomed to his new diet, he will be healthier, fitter and ultimately happier!

This article was researched from various sources including "The Real Poop on Pet Food: True Confessions of a Raw Feeder" by Dakota Bawden-Tutte

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