Australian Camel Meat for your Pet: Should you be Concerned?

Australian Camel Meat for your Pet: Should you be Concerned?

Among the many meat products that 3P Naturals sells, camel meat from Australia has become a new favorite for many of our customers.  We recently became aware of a report that mentioned that camel meat from Australia could be potentially fatal for dogs.  If you have been feeding your dog camel meat, there is no need to panic as measures are being taken to ensure camel meat is safe for both human and animal consumption.  However, it is good to stay informed.

Here at, 3P Naturals we take the health of our animal customers very seriously. We continue to sell safe and nutritious camel meat in select products and we stay in close contact with our supplier as well as other manufacturers and industry experts on this and other health-related pet food issues.  But again, we encourage pet owners to read the full article and listen to the interview to be fully educated on the issue.

Tests have shown that dogs have been dying from liver failure caused by a toxin found in certain desert plants.  These plants are eaten by camels and later become part of the meat, which is causing dog owners to take notice. The camel industry has confirmed that the toxin found in these plants is not widespread and food authorities have not come across any evidence that suggests that the toxin could cause illness to people.

Processors in Australia believe the odds of a problem are next to impossible - claiming that a dog would need to consume a steady diet of the meat to get sick. Further, this issue is isolated to a very select number of camels that have eaten the weed that contains the toxin.  And even then, this weed is only available to these select camels as food during certain times of the year (when the weed is in season).  As such, 3P Natural's remains confident that Australian producers and authorities are taking the necessary measures to ensure their product is safe and we continue to offer camel meat in select product lines.

Should you be concerned? As a human, there is next to no reason to worry about this issue in terms of it affecting you or your health. To date, there have been zero cases or reports that have shown the toxin causing any harm to people.  If you are still concerned and would like a more detailed explanation, please feel free to contact us directly.

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