Bones: A Guide For You And Your Dog

Bones: A Guide For You And Your Dog

Bones are an important part of your dog’s diet. In the wild, dogs naturally consume raw food that they have hunted. As they munch away on their meal, bones are broken down and often swallowed. Depending on the size of the animal, these bones are perfectly safe for digestion and a natural part of the animal’s diet.

Where pet owners need to be careful is in understanding the difference between raw bones and cooked or processed bones. A cooked bone is significantly different from a raw bone and can be much more hazardous to your pet’s health and safety. Cooked bones have a tendency to break apart, forming sharp shards that may be fatal if swallowed.

In the wild, it is natural for a dog to continue chewing on a prey’s bones after the meat has been consumed. The marrow and cellular components provide valuable nutrients and are easily broken down and digested. Try to provide your dog with bones that may still contain meat and tissue for them to chew off.

Bones are an important aspect of your dog’s diet and lifestyle. There are many positive aspects to providing your dog with bones to chew on. However, it is critical that you ensure the quality and type of bone you give them is healthy. Supervise your dog when they are chewing on their bone but don’t interfere or disturb them. This is an important moment of relaxation and mediation for your dog - let them enjoy the moment!

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