Could Your Pet Have a Thiamine Deficiency?

Could Your Pet Have a Thiamine Deficiency?
What is Thiamine?
Thiamine is the vitamin known as B1. It is important for nervous system development and function, reproductive health, and proper digestion. The main source of thiamine in the raw diet is muscle meat. 
If your pet eats a variety of different raw meats, there is plenty of thiamine to support the canine and feline bodies. If, however, your pet is eating mainly fish, he/she may be deficient in this important vitamin. They can also be deficient if they eat a large amount of canned food due to the way this type of food is processed but dry processed foods can carry the same risks. Animals that have weakened digestive/absorption abilities may also be thiamine deficient. 
 Signs of a thiamine deficiency include vomiting and digestive upset, dilation of the pupils, stumbling/falling, seizures, walking in circles, a head tilt, arching or ventriflexion of the spine, coordination loss, cardiac dysfunction. 
Thiamine is one of the many B vitamins that work together as a unit to support a wide variety of functions within the mammalian body. Variety is especially important to ensure that you are providing these important vitamins. natural source (from food) is always best. 
Check with a pet nutritionist or your veterinarian to ensure this important vitamin is not missing from your pet's diet!
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