Holiday Hazards for Pets

Holiday Hazards for Pets



We all love the Christmas holiday and spoiling our pets at this time of the year. There are, however, some hazards we need to look out for to keep them safe for the season. Let’s make sure everyone is safe and happy for the holidays!


1.   Boozy Drinks and Desserts– Alcohol is a big no-no for pets, so ensure that alcoholic beverages are not left unattended. It is considered poison and could land you and your pet in the emergency room. The last thing you want during a family get-together!


2.   Cooked Bones– Don’t let your pet do any counter surfing during the holidays, especially bones from the cooked turkey! Cooked bones aren’t the same as raw ones and can be dangerous for your pet to ingest. Be sure your pet can’t get into the holiday feast unless, of course, you handpick some meat and veggies for them to enjoy with the rest of the family. 


3.   Road Salt– When it gets cold, road salt gets used on our sidewalks and roads. This salt has chemicals added to it and can be irritating to your pet’s feet and their digestive system if they ingest it. Use booties or paw wax to protect their feet on walks where you might be exposed to road salt. Ensure that you rinse their feet and don’t let them lick their feet or asphalt that’s been covered with road salt. 


4.   Christmas Decorations– Decorations are essential for the tree but some of them are not pet safe. Tinsel isn’t used as frequently on Christmas trees as it once was but it is a genuine hazard since kittens and puppies love to play with it and could accidentally swallow it. Electrical wires are also extremely dangerous if your pet chews on them for obvious reasons. Watch out for the hooks on Christmas decorations which can also be a hazard if swallowed. It’s best not to leave your pet (especially young pets) unattended around the Christmas tree if possible.   


5.   Plants– Some plants are fatally poisonous to pets. Some of the Christmas ones include poinsettias and lilies. For a full list of poisonous plants, check out the ASPCA poisonous plants database:


6.   Raisins– Raisins are not a safe food option for your pet at any time of the year. There are more around since they are widely used in desserts. They can cause renal issues in some animals so avoid them at all costs. 


7.   Chocolate– Cocoa is poisonous to both dogs and cats so be diligent that it’s not left out for your pet to snack on. The more cocoa is in the food, the more dangerous it is. If you suspect your pet has ingested chocolate, you can use the chocolate toxicity meter to see if they have ingested a toxic amount: 


8.   Xylitol– We can’t stress it enough: this is a DEADLY chemical for dogs! It’s best to just not even have it in the house if you can help it. Xylitol is found in diabetic foods, mints, gum, nasal sprays, baked goods, mouthwash, toothpaste, sugar-free multivitamins, and more. It can cause severe hypoglycemia and death in toxic amounts. 


9.   Loud Noises– Loud noises such as fireworks are common during New Years' and all throughout the winter months. The main hazard with noises is that they can startle pets and cause them to spook and possibly run for cover. Pet’s get lost regularly during firework season when they run away from the loud noise in fear, so ensure your pet is secure in your house and that they can’t escape. Things that can help pets with noise sensitivity include earplugs (vet-approved only), thunder shirts (link), and homeopathic Rescue Remedy or Aconite. 

On behalf of all of us at 3P Naturals, we hope you and your pets have a fantastic holiday season!!!!

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