Small Breed Dogs and Periodontal Disease

Small Breed Dogs and Periodontal Disease

Did you know that your small breed dog is genetically predisposed to dental/periodontal disease? The major reason for this is that small dogs have smaller jaws and the teeth are more crowded, leaving tighter spaces for food particles to hide. Genetics, diet, age, and health status also play a role.

The type of diet chosen for small breed dogs is crucial to their periodontal health. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a dry food diet that promotes dental health. Chewing kibbles does not keep teeth clean. In fact, it does the opposite when tiny dry food particles get caught between the tooth and the gum. Saying that kibble cleans teeth is like saying that a hard cookie would clean your own teeth when we know this couldn't possibly be the case!

If you don't know the signs of periodontal disease, here are a few:

-foul breath

-pus at the gum line or around the tooth

-bleeding gums

-pawing at the mouth

-mouth sensitivity

-loose teeth

-difficulty chewing

-digestive upset

-drooling and nausea


To ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums with a few dental procedures as possible, it's important to provide biologically appropriate food eg. bones and raw food. Raw foods will provide important enzymes and nutrients that help to promote a healthy environment inside the mouth, making it harder for plaque to form. Whole raw bones will help to rid the teeth of existing plaque, increase gum circulation and provide macro and micro minerals necessary for the prevention of tooth decay. Raw meats are much less likely to become stuck between the teeth and do not contain starch which leads to plaque buildup on the teeth. Raw foods will greatly reduce and even sometimes eliminate the need for costly and risky dental cleanings under general anesthesia.

3P Naturals offers one of the largest bone selections of any raw pet food company in Canada. Choose from extra small to extra large sizes in the following raw meaty bones:

Chicken necks

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Lamb Shanks

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Buffalo Knuckles and Femurs

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And even more!

See our full bone list here:


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