What is HACCP?

What is HACCP?

Raw pet food comes under a lot of scrutiny in the pet industry. There are a lot of myths surrounding the raw diet. One of the most frequently heard myths is that raw pet food contains harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli. One of the reasons there is valid concern here is that pet food manufacturing in Canada remains totally unregulated. That’s why some raw pet food companies have decided to set the bar high by regulating themselves with the highest international food safety certification that can be obtained: HACCP.

What exactly is HACCP? It stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. This certification is obtained after stringent food safety programs are implemented and a third party audit is conducted. This program was created for human food facilities but there are several raw pet food companies that have decided to implement the HACCP food safety standards in their facility in order to earn the trust of pet owners in light of an attack on the raw pet food industry.It often takes up to a year to create a program that will pass a HACCP audit. The program requires careful and ongoing maintenance of the facility, staff training, a stringent food management program and regular testing of food batches for pathogens. This ensures that the risk of bacterial contamination to your pet is extremely low. 

Raw food is seen as dangerous by many pet health care professionals but it truly is more about where your pet food comes from and how it’s handled than whether it’s raw or not. There are processed pet foods that are recalled for salmonella and e. coli just as often as raw foods but on top of that, processed foods don't contain the wholesome ingredients found in fresh food. 

3P Naturals is proud to now be processed in a HACPP certified facility at Red Dog Blue Kat. Our products haven't changed but now we have even more food safety standards in place. We hope that this will give pet healthcare professionals and pet parents the confidence to recommend feeing fresh food diets for dogs and cats. We truly believe that it's the healthiest option for pets to live long and healthy lives. 

To learn more about the HACCP program, you can visit their website: https://www.haccpcanada.net

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