Are there other supplements for a raw pet food diet?

Additional beneficial fats and water-soluble vitamins and minerals can be found in an equal mix of kelp & alfalfa. Most pets will get all the calcium they need from bones but if they don't eat bones then you should add a commercial calcium supplement.

Essential fatty acid oils help the development of your pet's hair, heart, joints, skin, and much more. For dogs, you can use a combination of plant and fish-based oils but cats use only animal and fish-based oils.

As with everything else, use common sense with supplements and remember too much can be as bad as not enough. If you are unsure ask your animal health care practitioner or nutritional consultant for advice.

Why are bones important for my pet's diet?

Bones are essential to any quality raw pet food diet. This is because dogs and cats have different stomach acidity levels (pH) and digestive enzymes that allow them to break down raw meat and bone matter with little or no risk of parasitic disease. Their internal anatomies have changed little over millennia and, like the wolf or the leopard, our pets are "designed" to benefit from the nutrients derived from raw bones.

Aren't bones just for pet entertainment or chewing?

Yes and no.  Not all bones are created equal as far as raw pet food goes.  Some bones are still classified as "entertainment" bones while others are "meal" bones.  The following explains the subtle difference.

Is there anything I need to know about handling bones?

The following are some important notes on bones that will help you properly handle and provide them as supplements for your pet's raw pet food diet.

How much raw pet food should I buy for my pet?

The amount of raw pet food that you need depends entirely on the size of your pet (and potentially the number of pets you are feeding).  Some pet owners buy singles and others buy in bulk.  If in doubt, be sure to speak to the representative at your local pet food store to get an idea of how much you should purchase. Remember, our raw pet foods have no preservatives so they need to be kept frozen until you are ready to thaw them and feed them to your pet.  As such, you should make sure you keep only 2-days worth of thawed product on hand.

Where can I buy your products?

If you are a veterinarian or a pet store owner then you can buy wholesale directly from 3P Naturals. If you are a pet owner looking to buy some raw pet food for your pet, then have a look at our "Where to Buy" section for a list of retailers around Greater Vancouver.  

Is raw pet food safe? Doesn't it need to be cooked?

Believe it or not, 3P Naturals' products are all fit for human consumption.  Our suppliers are audited regularly by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency - the same agency that audits food manufacturers like Maple Leaf Foods.  And remember, your pet is a carnivore.  It has evolved to eat raw food and will enjoy a fresh and healthy change to a proper raw pet food diet.

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