Written on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

The dietary mix depends on which stage your pet is at in its transition to raw pet food.  The dietary mix should shift during the transition to raw pet food and then reach a new balance post-transition. As with all of our recommendations, we always ask that you check with your holistic veterinarian first before changing the proportions and contents of your pet's food.  The following are some benchmarks for your reference:

Cats are carnivores - 75% to 100% of their diet should be meat.  Limit the number of fruits and vegetables.

Dogs are carnivores but have the ability to eat an omnivore diet - between 40% and 75% of their diet should meat.  The balance of their diet can be fruits and vegetables.

Suggested Transition Diets

Chicken is a positive choice for a transition diet. It has superior nutrient value and contains natural calcium, vitamins minerals, enzymes, and essential fats. It is also an easily assimilated protein in your pet's digestive system.

Dogs - between 40% and 75% raw meat.  Good transition meat is chicken with ground mixed veggies and fruit making up the balance.

Cats - raw meat, bone, and organ mix.  Limit the number of fruits and vegetables in the mix to under 25%.

Suggested Post Transition Diets

Dogs have a few options that can be used.  Please check with your holistic veterinarian before using any of these mixes.

  • OPTION 1: blended meal of meat, bones, and veggies with meat making up 40% to 75% of the blend.
  • OPTION 2: 50% blended meal and 50% meaty bones.
  • OPTION 3: Meaty bones with 20% muscle meat, organs, or tripe. Fruit and veggies should be fed separately.

Try varying the diets every two weeks or so to add variety in the nutrients and meal enjoyment for your pet.

Cats - raw meat, bone, and organ mix.  Limit the number of fruits and vegetables in the mix to under 25%.

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