The Facts About Bacteria, Parasites and Raw Diet

Written on Monday, October 21st, 2013
The Facts About Bacteria, Parasites and Raw Diet

Pet owners often ask about bacterial contamination when feeding a raw diet. In this article, I hope to clear up any misconceptions about these concerns. 3P Naturals strives to provide safe and human-grade products that are meant to enhance your pet’s health. Our Food Safe standards guarantee the highest food handling methods are practiced. We offer tours of our warehouse facilities to all wholesale and retail customers. Contact us for more information. There are three main concerns that pet owners often ask about:

Parasite Transmission

Concerns are often raised about parasitic infestation from raw diets including tapeworm, roundworm, and trichinosis. Food Safe methods for eliminating these concerns are vital. Storage temperature of meats is vital in killing any potential parasites in 3P’s meat products. Our products are stored frozen at -20 degrees Celsius are protected from these unpleasant parasites. You should still check your pet yearly for parasites since there are several other ways for them to contact them, including coming into contact with feces of infected animals or eating rotten food products (garbage or other). A yearly fecal exam should be done to determine whether your pet needs to be de-wormed. A raw diet will naturally create a more acidic environment in the gut which is a deterrent for intestinal parasites and an important part of the canine and feline immune system. Ask your veterinarian for more information on keeping your pet safe from parasites.

Bacterial Contaminants

There is much concern about Salmonella and E. Coli contamination in raw pet foods. Pet owners are often worried that bacterial contamination from meats could infect not only their dog but their children or themselves. Raw-fed carnivorous animals have high levels of gastric hydrochloric acid which naturally protects them from bacterial infection. Proper food handling will further ensure that bacteria will not make your pet ill when fed a raw diet. 3P’s meat products are handled and frozen fresh to eliminate the possibility of bacterial multiplication. 3P’s products are guaranteed to be delivered to the customer without contamination. We do food testing of our products to ensure that we are able to stand by our claim. At home, you must handle raw food products as you would handle your own foods. All meals should be thawed in the fridge and be used within 48 hours. This ensures that bacteria do not have the correct environmental conditions to contaminate the meat. Wash your hands, food prep surfaces, and dishes with warm soapy water.


Toxoplasmosis has also been mentioned as a legitimate concern for people since it is zoonotic and can pass from animal to human and vice versa. Freezing meats at -20 degrees Celsius or colder is 100% effective in eliminating toxoplasmosis from animal tissues. 3P freezes all meat products that come through our door at -20C.

In general, carnivores have a natural ability to deal with contaminated meat sources. This is well-documented in wild and domestic species. If species-appropriate nutrition practices are used, it increases an animals’ immune response when dealing with these potentially harmful parasites and bacteria. 

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